Every human has three core aspects to their being: Theirinner world, theirouter world, and theirunderstanding of the larger picture. Your inner world is the basis for how you perceive, evaluate, and act upon your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. This starts with Emotional Intelligence. Your outer world involves any interaction or communication with other human beings. This is where Etiquette comes into play. Lastly, understanding something larger than yourself can be represented by, expressed through, and often found in, nature. This is why it is important to have a Nature Connection.

These core aspects form the basis of who we are, yet they are aspects that are often overlooked.As a whole, our 21st century society does not think of others, the individual is not self-aware, and there is a strong disconnect in our ability to transcend ourselves, finding purpose in something larger.We instead chase backward ideals of success, achievement, money, status, and even happiness. This leads to even less love, awareness, and connection thus driving addictions of the aforementioned lifestyles, starting the cycle all over again –We continue to send the message to each otherthat a fleeting and material lifestyle is whatfeeling goodis made of – That our own feelings don’t matter, other humans don’t matter, and awareness for something greater than ourselves is irrelevant.

How can any of us be expected to lead truly successful and harmonious lives without having a firm basis of these principles?

When we feel better…we can be better